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 Over 1000 units in stock!!Right Angle Gear Box

Replacing a failed power transmission unit is at best a headache. At worst, it’s a potentially huge loss of production time and revenue!  At Dykman Electrical we recognize that each power transmission application presents a unique and challenging situation requiring detailed attention to achieve exact results.  Dykman sales professionals excel in application problem solving, as well as cross brand substitution to get you up and running with reliable products as quickly as possible.  In order to ensure that you will have the reducer you need, when you need it, we keep over 1000 Right Angle Worm Gear and Inline Helical Reducers in stock. 


  Planetary Gearbox




Dykman Electrical has partnered with Flender to become a premier supplier of large Helical, Planetary and Worm Gear power transmission units.  Jointly using our strong presence in the cement, oil and gas, mining, pulp and paper, coal and steel industries, we provide high quality solutions for all of your large gearing needs.  When you need products that will return the lowest total cost of ownership and need to make sure its done right, call Dykman.



Flender Gearbox





We will take care of all of your gear reducer and ratio multiplier needs, whether it be large gearboxes or small, gearing only or complete gearmotor packages. Talk to us if you have special inventory requirements and we'll do our best to accommodate those needs through a gearing stock program.






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