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General Tools

Common Industrial Voltage by Country

Toshiba International has compiled this list of countries showing the voltages, frequencies and transformer configurations that they commonly use for industrial power distribution.

Energy Savings Calculator (Motors

Wondering why you should pay a premium for a NEMA premium efficient motor? Because it pays for itself in energy savings! Use this tool to determine the annual energy savings you can achieve by purchasing a premium efficient electric motor. You will be surprised at your annual ROI. Remember that some manufacturers work to exceed NEMA standards instead of merely meeting them. Ask a Dykman salesman which motors may provide additional energy savings and increased reliability.

Energy Savings Calculator (Toshiba)

Looking at the total cost of a motor involves not on the product cost and maintenance but the energy costs as well. Calculate the power consumption cost of Toshiba motors at Fixed Speed VS. Damper / Valve, Inlet Vane Guide and Toshiba ASD.

Energy Savings Predictor (Yaskawa Drive)

This link will take you to the Yaskawa site where you can download the Yaskawa Industrial Energy Savings Predictor software. This is a very extensive tool that will allow you to choose a fan or pump drive and see the annual energy savings, the annual dollar savings and the time to payback the investment in both numbers and graphs. The report also shows an estimated decrease in your carbon footprint.

Failures in 3 Phase Stator Windings (EASA)

A practical tool provided by the Electrical Apparatus Service Association to help you determine what has caused your electric motor to fail. This document provides detailed pictures of failed electric motors as well as explanations on what may have caused the motor to fail.


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