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Toshiba Durabull MotorToshiba Motors


Toshiba motors have been setting the standards for quality in the electric motor industry for more than 30 years.  Innovative motor technology and more than 100 years of manufacturing experience has earned Toshiba a reputation for excellence. In fact, OEMs and end-users around the world choose Toshiba motors to ensure maximum lifetime, a low cost of ownership, and a high return on investment.  


Toshiba manufactures products for most motor applications. Put a Toshiba motor on the job and you can rest easy knowing that your motor is built tough for extreme reliability. 


Dykman Electrical is the largest Toshiba motor distributor in the nation.  We have built our reputation by supplying electric motors with the lowest cost of ownership, competitive prices, and providing the best service in the industry.  We know that when you need a motor you needed it yesterday, so we inventory over 6000 electric motors at 6 locations throughout the west, offer same day shipping, and ship to AC motor users throughout the world. 



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  • Anchorage, AK (907) 891-7355
  • Corporate (208) 429-6000
  • Boise, ID (888) 336-3988
  • Denver, CO (800) 232-3043
  • Dickinson, ND (307) 686-3699
  • Gilette, WY (307) 686-3699
  • Phoenix, AZ (866) 725-3395
  • Pocatello, ID (208) 237-9329
  • Portland, OR (877) 267-9900
  • Sacramento, CA (866) 920-4055
  • Salt Lake City, UT (800) 974-4553
  • Seattle, WA (206) 708-1796
  • Spokane, WA (888) 284-3953
  • Tri-Cities, WA (509) 435-1708
  • Tulsa, OK (918) 779-7375
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